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Every year, the Parisian summer is punctuated by the Rock En Seine festival, which, as its name suggests, specializes in contemporary popular music, especially rock music in general. Through the years, various French and international artists have played at “Rock En Seine”.

It was expected that the Eagles of Death Metal band gives a performance in the summer 2016. This American group, created from the galaxy of stoner rock (without really being stoned), became known to all French people following the tragic attacks at the Bataclan on November 13th.

Quickly, well-meaning media and politicians of all sides were quick to recognize these musicians into symbols of the famous « living together ». The conservative views of the Band leader, Jesse Hughes, were no secret to anyone! The irenic Republic is built on lies nested within each other.

These brave Eagles of Death Metal were to physically embody the « party », so the good. It is well known that the « nice guys » cannot hold inappropriate words against the Empire of the universal good. But that was before…since the gig was cancelled.

When we, and others, were able to get deprogramming the concert of Black M a pseudo french rapper, originally scheduled for the commemorations of the centenary of the Battle of Verdun, Miss Audrey Azoulay the actual Culture Minister immediately denounced « a new moral order nauseous. » Explaining that she is a fierce protector of « freedoms of expression and creation, » facing the threat of a « fascist censorship » (sic), but the Minister failed to contextualize.

The revolt against the concert of Black M was not willingness to censorship. Black M is also always free to give performances in all countries of the concert halls. This is the incongruity of presenting such a spectacle in Verdun, devoid of all solemnity, let alone a rapper who had some unkind words for France, which raised this popular movement.

Deprogramming of Eagles of Death Metal Rock En Seine is, however, a disorder characterized by freedom of expression by the proponents of a « moral nauseating » animated by the desire to censor a « wrong thinking. » Why representations of Eagles of Death Metal were they canceled? Just because the organizers of Rock en Seine, and perhaps their institutional partners, among which is the region Île-de-France, did not like an interview given by the rocker to a US online magazine. It is therefore not even the content of the songs!

« Strongly disagree with the recent statements made by Jesse Hughes, Eagles of Death Metal singer, an American media, Cabaret Vert and Rock en Seine festivals have decided today to cancel the concerts of the group that were scheduled this summer. Thank you for your understanding, « it said in an official statement of the organizers.

Jesse Hughes is a survivor of the attacks of Bataclan, he did face death. How do you like it to be quiet? He has the right to be angry, to ask questions. It also has the right to examine the reaction of some Muslims in France have condemned some Islamists, and which sometimes have even expressed their joy. This is the truth. Let’s go a little further, what about his personal relationship, which only bind him, and the band’s music? No!

Is Rock en Seine a special event that requires political correctness? Probably I was naive, I thought it was an ordinary rock festival, without special symbolism that is attached to it. I appreciate, as an individual, many artists at opposite convictions to mine, and have not the slightest desire to ban them.

Our country enters into a particular disturbing soft totalitarianism. Media tyranny impose his men, and gag others. The spectacle of tyranny crushed to steamroller all deviant. The champions of freedom are the worst censors. They tolerate no opposition. It is time for a change: we are for maximum freedom of expression.

Gabriel Robin – Secrétaire général

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